Southgate has new School Resource Officer

Morgan Parrish, a member of the Southgate Police Department for more than three years, is the Southgate Community School District’s new School Resource Officer.

Parrish fills a position that has been long vacant.

“This is the first time in a long time that Southgate has had a School Resource Officer and I am extremely honored to be in this position,” Parrish said. “It is my job to ensure that everyone stays safe and secure in the schools. I am excited to build relationships with all the students, faculty and parents that I meet along this journey. 

“This is also a great position to be in and help build a relationship between the Southgate Police Department and the community I (we) serve.”

Parrish grew up mostly in Warren, but did spend three years in Colorado in junior high and high school. She is a graduate of Warren Cousino High School where she played tennis and participated in speech and debate. 

After high school, Parrish attended Macomb Community College and received an associate’s degree in Law Enforcement in the spring of 2017. Parrish then attended the Oakland Police Academy in the winter of 2018 and graduated in uniform to the Southgate Police Department in June of 2018. 

Officer Parrish then completed her bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Madonna University in December of 2020. 

Parrish said that she knew she wanted to be a police officer since her senior year in high school and worked as a waitress and bartender while advancing toward her goal. She said working those jobs fostered her love of talking to people.

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