Southgate Education Foundation awards $20,000 in grants

Jill Pastor
– Southgate Star

The Southgate Education Foundation recently proudly awarded 22 grants for a total of $20,000. 

The selection committee consisted of:  Dr. Darlene Pomponio, Kim Kuspa, Georganne Miller, Phil Rauch and Elizabeth Mullins. This group of volunteers spent hours reading the grant applications before making the final decision.  Some members of the selection committee were also able to help award the grants.

The grant options included:  individual, collaborative, building-wide and Titan-Pride grants.  The grants represent all grade levels. The grant components include:  murals, flexible seating, safety t-shirts, plant light stand, science models, books, Empowered Kids, radios, microscopes, bottle filling station, Operation Workout, staff rewards program, engineering kit, Osmonauts, therapeutic space and literacy listeners.

The Southgate Education Foundation will also be awarding two scholarships to Southgate Anderson’s seniors in the spring.

The Southgate Education Foundation Inaugural Event held on Thursday, May 2, 2019 at Crystal Gardens in Southgate. Please help us raise more money for more grants and more student scholarships and plan to attend our next event.  

Please mark your calendar for Thursday, April 30, 2020. The event will once again be at Crystal Gardens. Tickets will be on sale beginning in January.  Please call 734-246-4600 for any questions.

Third Grade Literacy Dance Party

In 2016, the Michigan Legislature passed the “Read by Grade Three Law.” This law requires schools to identify students who are struggling to meet grade level standards in reading and writing. The law states that third graders may repeat third grade if they are more than one grade level behind. 

Each district is required to have an assessment system with at least one initial and one extensive assessment from the Michigan Department of Education’s approved assessment list.  This assessment must be administered at least three times a year and be able to be used to help monitor student progress.

Students who are identified as having any reading deficiencies must have an Individual Reading Improvement Plan or IRIP. This plan is development with the help of teachers, the principal, parent or legal guardian.  

This plan also has a “Read at Home” component to develop efforts to support children at home.  Resources/activities are provided to families.

Third grade students who score a 1252 or below on the spring M-STEP (Michigan Student Test of Educational Progress) will receive a letter from CEPI (Center for Educational Performance and Information). 

If parents do not agree with the decision to retain their third-grade child they have to ability to file a Good Cause Exemption within 30 days of receiving this notice of a potential retention.

The Southgate Community School District hosted a 3rd grade information night for our Southgate families to learn more about this legislation. At the end of the presentation there were raffles of book series to help promote the love of reading.  

During the informational meeting the 3rd grade students were treated to a Dance Party, complete with a volunteer DJ. While the parents left with some “Read at Home” resources, the students left happy and tired from dancing.

All third-grade families received a book, a bookmark with reading prompts/questions, an information sheet and a sample letter to request a good cause exemption. Good cause exemptions for students may include:  an IEP (individualized Education Plan), a 504 plan, limited English Proficient, or received intensive reading intervention for two or more years, but still demonstrates a reading deficiency and was previously retained in kindergarten, grade one, grade two or grade 3.

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