Meet the Southgate Titans Robotics Team

Robotics is a sport where teams of high school students design and build large scale robots to battle in 3-against-3 competitions. These teams are mentored by adults in the industry. 

The season starts on the first Saturday of the year.  On this day the First Robotics Competition releases a video describing this year’s game theme and the build season officially begins.

The team strategically discuss and plan what features they will build into their robot.  They determine features will help them be competitive.

“Destination Deep Space” was this year’s theme. The challenge started with a 15-second sand storm that blocked the vision of the drivers. The teams could choose to use autonomous code or manually drive using vision system.

The environment included:  Two rockets, a cargo ship and a habitat. Robots could earn points by placing hatch panels on rockets or a cargo ship, placing cargo (balls) into the rocket or cargo ship, leaving and return to each habitat.

The captain of the robotics team is Chloe Doherty. She also operates the robot. Jacob Stacey is the driver. Jacob was responsible to drive the robot through autonomous controls during the first 15-seconds of each competition, during the sandstorm.

Stavros Karagiannis was the team’s safety captain. His committee helped ensure that participants were safe while having fun. Every member is required to wear safety glasses while working near the robot. Stavros is certified in CPR and shared this information with other teams in case anyone needed him for an emergency.  

During the last competition the team was awarded: Safety Star of the Day and Pit Safety Award. The team prides itself on sharing safety kits with other teams and keeping their pits (where the robots are stored during competitions) clean and without hazards.

Todd Miller was the spirit captain. His committee helped boost team morale. They were responsible for the t-shirt/hoodie design. Their goal is to help to be recognized as a community. 

They lead the spectators with cheers, claps and often dance between competitions. 

During the quarterfinal match after the alliances were chosen, they reached out to the other two teams and invited them to come and sit together to cheer on the alliance.  All First Robotics students treat each other with the most gracious professionalism.

The Southgate Robotics team doubled in size in just one year. The team now has 30 active members, including seven female students. All team members are part of one of the following committees:  business, safety, spirit and media.

This allows each member to join the committee that matches their interest and skills.  They welcome all students who are interested. No experience is needed. If a student is interested in joining please follow this link to the team’s website:

The team is planning some kid-friendly STEAM activities to offer to elementary/middle school students. As the details are finalized information will be sent out with the students as well as posted on (STA_robotics) social media pages.

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