Anderson theater group stages ‘Dracula’

The Addams Family is next

The Southgate Anderson Drama Class recently concluded three performances of the horror classic ‘Dracula.

’The tale of the blood-sucking Count was directed by Amanda Bias and Elizabeth Hanna and was staged in front of an invitation-only audience in accordance with social distancing regulations.

The cast was James Hornick (Dracula), Scot Karagiaouris (Dr.  Abraham Van Helsing), Isabella Vasari (Mina Harker), Gavin Gonzalez (Jonathan Harker/Captain), Adam Manic (Lord Arthur Godalming), Summer Matkin (Quincy Morris), Olivia Barnard (Lucy Westenra/Bereft Mother/Innkeeper’s Wife), Abigail Hinzmann (Renfield), Brianna Zaddock (Dr. James Seward/”Boo’ful Lady” Child/Ivar Szekelya), Allison Hilliard (Preema Siren), Leslie Maloney (Satkana Siren), Kaley Taylor (Tairsha Siren) and Cody Soliz (Innkeeper/Jitar Szekelya/Child in Sack/Tech).

“The cast was able to convey the drama and intensity of this classic tale beautifully; the audience was captivated the entire time,” said Director Hanna. “Our crew set the scene with lights and sound, and the set changes were seamless and flowed perfectly.”

The crew was stage manager Reese Leones, graphic designer Logan Dillon, sound and light operators Aireana Vanmeter and Joel Bias and technicians Jason Craig, Josh Craig, Jillian Barnard and Aedan Simons.

The Drama Club will also present The Addams Family on June 13, 14 and 15.

“This was a show we had ready to go last March; as a matter of fact, we planned to open the show the day everything shut down, March 13,” said Hanna. “We were rehearsing until 9 p.m. the night before, thinking perhaps we could get Opening Weekend in before things really went south. 

“So, we feel so grateful that it seems we will be able to finally bring this production to the stage!”

The cast for The Addams Family will be Steven Hilberg (Gomez Addams). Isabella Vasari (Morticia Addams), Elana Anderson (Wednesday Addams), James Hornick (Lucas Beineke), Scot Karagiaouris (Uncle Fester), Adam Manick (Mal Beineke), Cody Soliz (Pugsley Addams), Olivia Oldt (Grandma Addams), Logan Dillon (Lurch), Brianna Zaddock (soldier), Summer Matkin (caveman), Amelia Kafkakis (flapper/grim reaper), Olivia Barnard (bride), Abby Hinzmann (50s girl/monster), Kaley Taylor (ancestor) and Allison Hilliard (ancestor).

The pit band will be Emilie Fritts, Cameron Vitt, Jaclyn Barket, Frank Rasizzi, Kelsie Ralls, Megan Mearnic, Taylor Hartley, Austin Callaway, Alex Salazar, Andrew Bedard, Maverick Brazill, Nathan Bohr, Nathan Steichen, Diego Aboytes and Wedny Fichter-Baggelt.

The crew is tech managers Justin Lange and Riley Angileri, lighting workers Angileri and Aireana Vanmeter, sound men Jaason Craig and Gage Marion, curtain worker Emma Wiedner and backstage workers Nayeli Medina, Nathanael Centeno, Brandon Lecik, Josh Craig, Jillian Barnard, Nelly Madrigal, Madison Mayhew, Reese Leones, Emma Wiedner, Gavin Gonzalez, Alaina Kopchick, Aedan Simons and Sydney Perkins.